Lay foundations to optimise your baby's sleep

Foundations are key to everything in life and when it comes to your baby's sleep it is no different. And foundations start with knowledge in this course you will join Sleep Guide Karen Johnson as she empowers you with the knowledge to create the foundation sleep for both you and baby.

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Meet your Sleep Guide

Hi I'm Karen and I am passionate about helping parents learn about baby sleep. I have worked with babies in a sleep school for 9 years and I want to help prevent you getting into this position.

Karen Johnson

Sleep Guide

This Course will help you to:

  • Read your baby's sleep cues

  • Feel confident in sleep planning with your child

  • Understand how much sleep your baby needs

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome

  • 02

    Feed Play Sleep

    • Feed Play Sleep Sheet

    • Feed -Play-Sleep

    • A little extra on Feed Play Sleep

  • 03

    Understanding how your baby Communicates it's tired

    • Tired signs

  • 04

    Time for bed

    • Time for bed

    • The flow of bedtime

  • 05

    Now they have woken up

    • They've woken up

  • 06

    Mums self care

    • Mums self care

  • 07

    Start as you mean to continue

    • Start as you mean to continue

    • Come and join our Facebook group

  • 08

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Course Frequently asked questions

Learn what you need to optimise your baby's sleep

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